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Used Mobile Phones - Wholesale

We supply an extensive range of second hand mobile phones from IPhone's, BlackBerry's, HTC's, Samsung's and Nokia's device to name a few. The below shows a range of mobile phones that we receive the most quantity of at the time of writing.  We can source quantities in the hundreds or in the thousands depending on your requirements.

Apple Mobile Phones

Nokia Mobile Phones

BlackBerry Mobile Phones

Apple iPhone 4 8GB

Nokia X6

BlackBerry 8520

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB

Nokia C3-01

BlackBerry 9700

Apple iPhone 5 32GB

Nokia N95

BlackBerry 9300

Mobile Phones Condition

We have four main grades of mobile phones so that you know what you are buying each and every time. They are grade A, B, C and Z; each of which are explained in detail below. All phones that we receive through our mobile phone recycling arm and source in are tested manually by our on site technicians. We do not simply just turn them on, we check for software issues, ensure that the phone works on the network it is supposed to, ensure that the speakers and microphone works and manually look for any cosmetic damage such as scratches, missing buttons, cracks etc. This is done for every single phone we receive without exception.

Grade A - Mobile Phones

These phones are in a condition as close to brand new that you can get. There is no cosmetic damage such as scratches, chips, missing parts, the phone powers up and software runs correctly. In addition to this we have confirmed that it is not network blocked and that the microphone and speakers are fully functional. These mobile phones have a 30 day money back guarantee and so if any phone is not as described or as in as good as a condition as stated above you can return it for a 100% refund.  Under this grade is (14 DAY) which includes Brand new phones, boxed and sealed.

Grade B - Mobile Phones

These mobile handsets are in very good condition although have signs of being second hand. This does not mean that they have cracks and have parts missing etc. It simply means that they could not be sold as "as new". They may have the odd scratch, have faded a little or just have signs of usage. They come with no faults and are sold as fully working. Grade B handsets come with a 100% money back guarantee and so if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the phones or if any are not as described you can return them within 30 days for complete refund.

Grade C - Mobile Phones

These are phones which have some minor issues or are not in great condition. Grade C handsets all work however may have a part missing, have some scratches or need to be refurbished. Every single Grade C handset comes with it's own report on what exactly is the issue with it so that you know what you're buying every single time. These phones are obviously less expensive then Grade A and B models.

Grade Z - Mobile Phones

These are in very poor condition or in non working condition. As with Grade C handsets, each Grade Z handset comes with it's own report as to what exactly is wrong with each mobile phone so again you know every time what you are buying. Some of these phones quite easily be repaired with others requiring extracting for their parts. Under this grade is (SCRAP) which describe dead phones, those kind which no person on earth can bring back to life.  We purchase a great deal of Grade Z handsets ourselves and so if you have faulty or broken mobile phones please get in touch with us.

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Phone: 0871 918 1827



Phone: 0871 918 1827